The city is seeing the end of cherry blossom season and it's even more magical than when it first started. As the late-blooming trees start to lose their petals it looks like cherry blossom rain in Vancouver and it's the only kind of rain we're happy to see. Neighbourhoods are being carpeted with pink and when the wind picks up it will literally rain blossoms on you.

As April turns into May in B.C., we're seeing a ton of flowers in their peak. Few are as captivating as Vancouver's cherry blossoms and there are over two thousand places where you can see them and they're just about finished for the season.

Spring has its own version of fall leaves and they're pink. As the cherry blossom season wraps up in Vancouver, they all start to fall and it's just like rainfall except it's more beautiful.

Everyone and their dog (literally) have been out enjoying the unique pink rain phenomenon. And since going outside for a walk is about the only thing we can do right now, Vancouverites were out on the weekend of April 25 to catch every last blossom.

If you didn't get to see the puffy blooms this year, then you can still check out the online version of the Cherry Blossom Festival.

If you find yourself among the trees, stick around and wait for the wind to pick up. Once it does, a flurry of blossoms cascades around you like you're an actual Disney princess.

While you might not get a chance to go to a real flower festival right now, there's still hope for the summer.

With any luck, we might be able to see the Sunflower Festival later this year.