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Vancouver Climate Strike Protesters Took Shots At Trudeau In The Most Vancity Way

Passive aggressive Trudeau take downs are so Vancouver.
Vancouver Climate Strike Protesters Took Shots At Trudeau In The Most Vancity Way

In case you’ve been living under a rock, climate strikes are going on right now all over Canada. Protesters have been hitting the streets to protest climate change and spark action and Vancouver is no exception. Our huge city has taken to the streets en masse to try and change our future and they are doing it in the most Vancouver way ever by taking shots at Justin Trudeau. The signs are thought-provoking, hilarious, and just so Vancouver. 

All anyone can talk about right now are the climate strikes. Earlier this morning, Greta Thunberg called out Justin Trudeau for “not doing enough” went came to climate change. 

But it’s not just Thunberg who is fed up with his actions. Everyone in Vancouver is taking low jabs at the Prime Minister for his actions, or lack thereof. 

As of 1 p.m. on September 27, 2019, the city of Vancouver took over the streets in protest. Many people have made their way to city hall with so many joining that the crowds have now taken over the streets. 

While the sheer number of people at the protest is enough to show our anger, people have brought along with them handmade signs to express how they feel. 

A large majority of the signs are targeting Trudeau and the passive-aggressive tactic is so Vancouver. 

Twitter has been blowing up with coverage of the Vancouver climate protests. A running theme among everyone is to publicly call out Trudeau. 

Some of the signs are hilarious while others are thought-provoking and in all honesty, too true. 

A large majority of posters are telling Trudeau to stop the pipeline. One sign that has been online several places is a stop sign with the words ”Stop Trudeau’s Pipeline” plastered across it. 

Others are more subtle and are not using Trudeau’s name directly. One is even playing on a popular meme saying “stop f&ucking pipelinin’.”

One particularly well-done sign has Trudeau on the butt end of a hypo saying “Justin the hypocrite.” Following underneath it is another sign saying “let's talk about all your contradictions.”

Everyone is being Vancity ruthless with the Prime Minister in their signs on social media. According to one social media post from an unknown location, the sign has Trudeau spored in a clown wig and makeup with the words “I brought a more appropriate costume for you” and “climate leaders don’t buy pipelines.”

Not all the signs are targeting Trudeau directly. One particular video that is getting a lot of attention is of a little child holding a sign saying “this cannot wait until I’m bigger.”

As of publication time, protests in downtown Vancouver are continuing with a large majority of people taking to the streets. 

If you find yourself downtown, be aware that transit is totally overwhelmed and there could be traffic delays. But the best way to get around the delays is to join the protest! 

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