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Drinks At Vancouver's Most Mind Blowing Cocktail Lab Cost $35

Almost too beautiful to drink.
Cocktails At Vancouver's Botanist Drink Lab Are The Most Mind Blowing In The CIty

We've never felt more inclined to use the word "whimsical" than when describing one of the Botanist's whacky cocktails. Hidden away in an upstairs corner of the Fairmont Pacific Rim, these beautiful drinks look more like science fair projects or fantasy potions than alcohol. You've got to try these cocktails at Vancouver's Botanist for yourself because if there's ever such a thing as a life-changing experience, this might be it.

Located in Canada's greatest hotel, these drinks certainly live up to the hype.

"These drinks are meant to be a bit more whimsical and fun, yet intriguing," said Grant Sceney, creative beverage director at Botanist, to Narcity.

"We just want the guests to have fun and a great time while having the opportunity to try something new that they might not have seen or tasted before," he continued.

With drinks slung from what their website calls Canada's only "forward-facing cocktail lab," the award-winning bar crafts chemistry-inspired "experiential cocktails" that look right out of an alien's laboratory.

To enjoy the cocktails, however, guests will have to stay at the bar.

Their unique drinks aren't available to the whole dining room — these drinks are definitely quality over quantity. Drinks from the unique cocktail lab are between $31 to $35 per drink but they might be worth it for the experience.

If you go, make sure to try out their five special cocktails, each inspired by one of the elements: wind, water, fire, earth, and spirit.

"The ingredients used are very specific to that element and the presentation is more elaborate designed to really accentuate the element," said Sceney.

For example, their "water" cocktail, called the "Deep Cove," is served on a vessel that's melted into a piece of driftwood. Blue algae gives it that shocking ocean colour.

Sceney's favourite of the five is "Candy Cap Magic," an earth-inspired cocktail made by infusing rye with rare candy cap mushrooms.

"Mushrooms very much come from the earth so it tied into the theme we were going for. They are also a really unique and rare ingredient that gives off the flavour of maple and curry spice once rehydrated into the rye," he said.

The "cocktail lab" is different from your ordinary bar because there are no seats available. Instead, Sceney explained that it's a "glassed-in" space where bartenders are able to completely focus on their craft.

That's why customers can only experience the unique cocktails at the bar. Sceney explained that the creation process is so intricate, they wouldn't be able to offer the same quality of experience to the entire dining room.

"We aren't entirely sure how the menu will evolve — but it certainly will.  We will continue to go in the same direction of making it a fun and unique place for guests to enjoy while using local botanicals where possible," said Sceney.

Experiential Cocktails At The Botanist

Price: 💸💸💸

Cuisine: Cocktails

Address: 1038 Canada Place, Vancouver, BC

Why You Need To Go: To try out these beautiful and whimsical cocktails for yourself.

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