Canadian Driver Faces Insanely Short Time In Jail After Alleged Road Rage Incident That Led To Death Of 3 People

Following a court hearing on Monday, May 27, 2019, a Coquitlam driver was sentenced to one day in jail after a car crash that killed three people – two kids and a woman. The fatal accident took place two years ago and now, two men are facing the consequences. 

Hamed Darbarpar pleaded guilty to driving without due care and attention during court on Monday. He was the second of two drivers charged in a fatal April 2017 crash in Coquitlam. 

During the crash, three-year-old Tyler Mollie Wong Hernandez, her nine-year-old cousin Ella Reese Hernandez, and a 30-year-old woman were killed. According to Global, this accident that took place on Lougheed Highway at Pitt River road was a result of an incident described as road rage. 

According to CTV, the Crown told the court that Darbarpar was driving a black Volkswagen Golf headed northbound on the Lougheed Highway. He made a lane change to the left in front of a red Honda Accord being driven by Adam Goulding, who was with his girlfriend in the passenger seat at the time. 

Goulding then changed lanes so that the two vehicles were side by side. This is when Darbarpar’s passenger noticed the other driver's vehicle drifting toward them. 

Prosecutors in court said Darbarpar crossed briefly into the oncoming lane and then corrected it, which led him to hit Goulding’s car.

Goulding’s car lost control and ended up going into oncoming traffic where he hit a Nissan being driven by the the grandparents of the two child victims. Goulding’s passenger also died.

As a result of this incident, Darbarpar will now face one day in jail followed by six months of probation and 40 hours of community service. Goulding also received the same sentence last year for his involvement in the collision.