Vancouver's 'Coronavirus Rhapsody' Parody Cover Makes You Laugh & Wash Your Hands (VIDEO)

"I'm just a poor boy, no job security..."
'Coronavirus Rhapsody' Parody Cover By Vancouver Choir Will Make You Laugh & Wash Your Hands

You don't have to be a Queen fan to appreciate the musical genius that's Bohemian Rhapsody. Now, we have a new version that's way more relatable than the original and perfect for the times. A Vancouver choir's cover of the viral sensation Coronavirus Rhapsody is so on point that even the anthem's original writer was honoured by the Canadian take on his song.

The lyrics were written by comedian Dana Jay Brein while self-quarantined over a head cold, he said to Narcity. He posted it to social media, not thinking much of it.

"I knew it was funny, but I didn't know it was 100 million views on around the world funny," he said.

When Emily Zuidema, administrator for Phoenix Chamber Choir, got her hands on the lyrics she shared them on her page. Then, a fellow choir member Dr. Carolyn Shiau convinced her to run with it.

"Choirisareallygreatexampleofhowyourindividualsmallcontributionmakesamuchgreater whole," said Shiau. "It's a great metaphor for what we're trying to do as a society."

The song was recorded remotely and each singer recorded their individual part at home. Shiau and her husband then stitched them all together and launched the song on YouTube.

After releasing on Monday, March 30, the video gained almost 51,000 views by Sunday, April 5.

"I don't doubt that this is going to be our most popular video ever," said Zuidema.

The choir singers geared up for the occasion, juggling rolls of toilet paper, slipping on gloves, even making an appearance decked out in scrubs.

Shiau's a clinical pathologist at the Royal Columbian Hospital and recorded her part while on break at work.

"I thought, well, I'm dressed appropriately so I might as well record the part in my gear," Shiau told Narcity. She's the top middle singer in the video.

Even though concerts are cancelled, it's encouraging that musicians are still striving to perform.

From singing on the balcony to giving live orchestral performances online, artists aren't letting the pandemic stop them from creating.

Many of us are turning to artists for hope and joy right now, so share the love back to them if you're able to give some support.

Brein told us he was overwhelmed by the response to his original work. He fell in love with the Phoenix Choir's cover and proudly displays their version on his website.

"People love Bohemian Rhapsody," he said. "A lot of people process pain, suffering, tragedy through humour."