Vancouver Studio's Free Classes Let You Work Out If You're Stuck At Home (VIDEO)

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Vancouver Studio's Free Classes Let You Work Out If You're Stuck At Home (VIDEO)

It's tough to get into a fitness routine, but even more so if your gym or favourite fitness studio has closed its doors amid the COVID-19 outbreak in Vancouver. Luckily, we can keep up our healthy lifestyles even though all of our IRL classes may have been cancelled. A local studio is offering free workouts online to anyone and it's just what we needed right now.

Nate Morris, who owns Club Row in Vancouver spoke to Narcity about the pivot to online-only classes after closing his rowing studio last week and offering free options so anyone can workout even if they're stuck inside.

"It was a really difficult decision for us to close, it’s only been a few days and things are changing quick, and it's really scary as a small business to do it, but we wanted to be responsible in light of this problem but we also wanted to offer a solution," he said.

"We turned our website into a blog where we’re going to do one workout per day, no equipment needed," and he's asking everyone to jump in and help.

Local trainers and fitness-lovers are asked to join in and submit their free workout videos. Morris even said he'd drive out to meet them to film it for free.

The studio is making waves in the city and could inspire other studios and trainers to jump in and help fill the need while people are staying inside.

"We’re urging other studios to jump in, social distancing is becoming a bit of a social responsibility for business owners," he said.

If you're able to get to a rowing machine, then you can still take their rowing classes online through their app.

It's like the Peloton of rowing and lets you see the trainer and other people in the class so you can keep up and feel the group energy while in social distancing mode.

Classes started out in Morris's garage but now they have a studio space in Gastown where it's like a spin class on rowing machines.

You can follow them on social to catch their free workouts or get the app if you have access to a rowing machine at home.

Both the federal and provincial governments have urged Canadians to practice social distancing and stay at home as much as possible.

Luckily, we can still work out and not get bored even if we feel trapped in our living rooms.