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Passengers On Several Recent Vancouver Flights May Have Been Exposed To COVID-19

The alert includes flights from Toronto, London and the Philippines.
COVID In Vancouver: Passengers On Several Flights May Have Been Exposed To COVID-19

If you've touched down in Vancouver recently, you might want to check back on your itinerary and boarding pass. According to the B.C. Center for Disease Control's new alert, passengers on several recent flights may have been exposed to COVID-19 in Vancouver. Passengers in many of these flights have been asked to be on alert and check for symptoms. 

As stated on their official list of public exposures, the BCCDC has identified a number of flights in which individuals with confirmed cases of COVID-19 had travelled. 

Some recent international flights that have been included in the alert are two Air Canada flights from Cancun and London as well as a Phillippine Airlines flight from the Phillippines. 

The Air Canada flight from Cancun landed in Vancouver on Friday, March 13, whereas the flight from London reached town on Tuesday, March 17. The Philippine Airlines flight touched down on Sunday, March 15. 

No seat or row numbers have been listed in regards to these flights. 

The BCCDC has said that passengers on all international flights are supposed to self-isolate for 14 days after arriving in Canada.

They won't be contacting any of the people on the listed international flights to let them know if any other passengers were declared to have the virus after arriving. 

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They also reiterated that travel outside of Canada is not recommended at this time. 

On top of the international flights mentioned, flights from Amsterdam, Newark, Tel Aviv and a British Airways flight from London are also confirmed to have had a passenger on board that later tested positive for COVID-19.

Specific seat and row numbers have been provided for these flights, which have been listed under "Affected Seats." So you can have a look for yourself if you're curious. 

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And as it turns out, domestic flights are also getting included in the alert. 

Five domestic flights have also been identified where a passenger who's gone on to test positive for COVID-19 had been on board. 

Four of the flights took off from Vancouver and landed in Prince George or Kelowna, whereas the most recent flight originated from Toronto and landed in Vancouver. 

No seat numbers have been provided for the Toronto flight either. But the BCCDC is contacting anyone who may have sat next to infected individuals.

The BCCDC advises that if you've recently flown on any of those flights or sat near those seat numbers, you should self-isolate for 14 days. 

And if your seat did not belong to any of the identified seats, then you don't necessarily need to self-isolate but you still need to monitor for the onset of symptoms. 

Regardless, the Canadian Government has announced procedures for anyone returning from travel to abide by.

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