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This New Drink Is Changing The Way People Party In Vancouver

In the tastiest way possible.

We have it pretty good in Vancouver, don't we? Our warmer climate means we get spend more time enjoying ourselves than the rest of Canada, which has given Vancouverites a bit of a reputation for being laid-back, inherently cool, and adventurous people. So it goes without saying, we like to party.

Whether it's a sunny picnic in Stanley Park, a casual get-together at a friend's backyard pool, or a late-night rooftop rager, chances are, you're knocking back some kind of alcoholic beverage like the rest of us. So as the friendly folk that we are, we wanted to turn you on to a new drink we recently discovered (because sharing is most definitely caring), that has legit given our lives a whole new, refreshing flavour.

via @crabbiescanada

Crabbie’s Original Alcoholic Ginger Beer, friends. Tried it over the weekend, and it kinda blew me away. Carefully crafted from a recipe using real ginger, cold steeped for up to six weeks, and then combined with four secret ingredients to produce a deep, deliciously spicy flavor; Crabbie's was dangerously easy to drink, not to mention delicious.

Sourced using only the best ingredients, Crabbie's is definitely a fresh alternative to regular beer or hard liquor, especially when you're looking for something light and tasty. The perfect serve is straight-up Crabbie's over ice with a slice of citrus, but it also works great as a mixer if you feeling fancy.

The Ginger Stout Snakebite is a terrific twist on a classic, with the bold taste of ginger center stage combined with a smooth stout to balance it off. Or make a totally kick-ass Piña Colada popsicle by blending fresh pineapple, coconut cream, limes, Crabbie's, dark rum and freezing until firm. You're welcome.

Summers are meant for taking it easy, kicking back, and maximizing the good vibes. So whether you're having dranks with your crew, or just looking to try something new, crack open a Crabbie's and see for yourself why it's our new obsession.

Original Crabbie’s can be found in most liquor stores across town, and check out Crabbie's Facebook and Instagram for more awesome recipe ideas.