This Crazy Cool BC Castle Only A Few Hours From Vancouver Is Worth Visiting

You will probably recognize it from several Hollywood movies.

A striking Edwardian castle with 565 oceanfront acres and an incredible view of the Olympic Mountains resides in BC. This idyllic, lofty castle is fit for royalty.

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You've probably seen this hidden gem in movies like the X-Men series and Deadpool. But did you know that it is right in the midst of our own province!? You can visit this castle for yourself and imagine that you are at Professor Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters.

Located in the greater Victoria area on Vancouver Island, Hatley Castle is a National Historic Site. The castle is a part of the Royal Roads University and Hatley Park grounds.

This castle is full of history and heritage and is almost 100 years old, built in 1908. Just a little history for you: from 1941 to 1943, the Hatley Castle was a dormitory and mess hall for cadets and staff officers at the Royal Roads Military College. Now it has become the administration centre for the Royal Roads University. Can you imagine going to school at a cool castle like this?

X-Men, Deadpool, Arrow, and Smallville are among the many films and television shows that have been filmed right here at the castle.

The Hatley Park National Historic Site is also home to stunning gardens, former farmland, and forest trails where you can see large Douglas fir and western red cedar.

Since Hatley Castle is a "living castle" with people living, working, and classes and events happening inside of it, guided tours of the interior are available for the price of 18.50 for adults. For more information on rates and times, check out their website here.

If you just want to explore the exterior and the gardens, the admission rate is $9.75 for adults and you are free to explore by yourself without a guide.

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Victoria sure makes for an awesome weekend getaway or day trip. Don't miss out on your chance to see a historical Canadian castle right before your own eyes.

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