If you’ve ever wondered what it looks like inside one of the most expensive houses in B.C., this is it. Of all the crazy mansions in Kelowna, this one takes the cake because it looks like a real-life spaceship. With five bedrooms, a whopping nine bathrooms and a “Michelin starred restaurant” style kitchen, it doesn’t get much more bougie than this.

That said, luxury always comes with a hefty price tag, and this high-end property will set you back an eye-watering $10,988,888.

If you’re lucky enough to have a cool $11 million in your back pocket, there’s good news. This lakeside property is currently up for sale with Engel & Völkers, and it’s everything you could ever want from a multi-million dollar mansion.

Situated in Kelowna’s most exclusive neighbourhood, this 2014 Sheerwater property has literally no limit to its’ own bougie-ness. Having won the Tommie + Georgie Home of the Year Award, and having been inspired by luxury design magazines, there’s been no expense spared to make this the Kardashian-style mansion of your dreams.

According to the real estate listing, the home has a whopping 11,496 square feet of living space, encompassing five bedrooms, seven full bathrooms, and two mini bathrooms.

With an elevated kitchen, a complete gym, a media room and a room exclusively for spa treatments and massages, it offers an authentic glimpse into the extra-exclusive, luxury lifestyle that this kind of homeowner could be expected to enjoy. Plus, if a home like this is a tiny bit out of your budget, you could always opt for buying a private island instead.

The entrance of the property is so extra, it almost looks like a spaceship. 

The white exterior and the gigantic pillars make this look more like something out of a movie, rather than somebody’s actual home.

Every single day must feel like a holiday in this home. With an infinity-style pool, looking out onto the surrounding lake, this really is next-level peace and tranquility.

Balancing modern, high-tech features, and the property's stunning natural surroundings, you really do get the best of both worlds here.

As you’re paying for the best-of-the-best location, this property makes sure you can see it. With vast, floor-to-ceiling windows surrounding the home, including in the bedrooms, gym, living space, and spa/massage room, you’re constantly reminded of the dreamy location of the house.

If you’re still not convinced of this Kelowna property’s value, perhaps the art-gallery-style curved staircase, just like the one we saw recently in an epic Calgary mansion, a glass staircase with the sculptural rock water feature, or the marble slab diving wall in the ensuite bathroom will persuade you otherwise.

You can find the full property listing and even more photos on the Engel & Völkers website.

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