An American Punk Band Is Now Linked To The Tragedy That Left A BC Girl Critically Injured

The band has since cancelled their tour due to an "accident" involving the bassist.
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An American Punk Band Is Now Linked To The Tragedy That Left A BC Girl Critically Injured

Over the Thanksgiving long weekend, a terrifying incident took place that left a B.C. woman in critical condition. 24-year-old Desiree Evancio was reportedly hit by a car and dragged several city blocks in downtown Vancouver before the driver noticed. She is now critically injured and facing a number of reconstructive surgeries. Recently, it was revealed by CTV that American punk rock band Off With Their Heads is now linked to the incident.

The tragedy took place on the evening of Saturday, October 12, 2019. According to CTV News, Evancio was struck by an impaired driver in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside at around 12:30 a.m. 

After being dragged for several city blocks, the driver finally stopped. Evancio is now fighting for her life at the Vancouver General Hospital where she is facing serious and life-threatening injuries. 

CTV News has learned that a member of Off With Their Heads is being investigated for his possible involvement in the accident.  

The band was allegedly playing at the SBC Restaurant on East Hastings Street that night. CTV News claims to have captured photo evidence of what looks like the band's bassist, Robbie Swartwood, taking a breathalyzer from a police officer. 

A police spokesperson told CTV News that the driver did not realize that they had struck and dragged Evancio for several city blocks before stopping. 

The band has since released a statement on Facebook. According to the statement, they will be cancelling the remaining dates of the North American tour. 

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“We are all waiting for more information to come to light. Until that happens, I don't feel comfortable carrying on playing live shows,” says the post. 

“Due to the sensitive nature of an accident a band member was involved with, I can't elaborate any more than that. When I can, I will definitely do so. Refunds will be available at your point of purchase.”

Vancouver police have told CTV News that the driver was briefly arrested and then released. They have confirmed he is American but have not released any names. Narcity has reached out to Off With Their Heads for a comment. We will update this story when we hear back.

Following the incident, a GoFundMe of $1 million has been started for Evancio. As of October 18, over $144,000 has been raised.

“US insurance policies can be as low as 20,000 dollars. We are going to investigate and find out what his insurance if any covers but the likelihood is poor that we will receive enough endurance money to cover the many years of rehabilitation Desiree will need,” writes the GoFundMe. 

“On top of that, any reconstructive work she may want or need down the road including a prosthetic eye she may want.”

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