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BC Woman Dragged By A Van Wakes Up After Weeks Of Sedation & Surgery

24-year-old Desiree Evancio is now awake and able to communicate through writing.

On Thanksgiving weekend, a B.C. woman was the victim of a tragic accident that left her in critical condition. Twenty-four-year-old Desiree Evancio was dragged by a van in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside. She was rushed to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. Evancio's loved ones have been updating her GoFundMe page with every milestone of her recovery. A new update on the page says that Evancio is now awake from her heavy sedation and is actually able to communicate.

On October 12, Evancio was reportedly dragged for several city blocks before the driver noticed. The driver is from the United States and is believed to be a member of a punk band called Off With Their Heads.

Following her tragic accident, friends and family members set up a GoFundMe with the goal of raising $1 million. Every step of the way, the "Hope For Desiree" fundraiser has provided updates on Evancio's condition.

According to a recent update made by Evancio's sister, Ashley Dahn, Evancio is doing better. She is now "very awake" after being heavily sedated and recovering from surgery for nearly two weeks.

While she still has a long road to recovery, she is now aware of her injuries and participates in decision-making about her healing process.

Dahn says that Evancio knows about the support she's received through the fundraiser and is very grateful. 

"She knows about the go fund me, and events that's been happening in her name, both in Ottawa and Vancouver, and all of her family and friends who's been a part of it," Dahn writes.

"She knows about all the generous people from all over Canada, the US and even the other side of the world who has reached out in one way or another to give help either financially or through prayers."

"Although she can't make much of a facial reaction to things right now, you could see it in her eye that a weight of financial burden was lifted from the many things running through her head."

According to Dahn, Evancio was heavily sedated for several weeks in order for her face to heal from intense reconstructive surgery. 

After slowly lightening the sedation, Evancio woke up and has been awake for several days now. She is even communicating with her family and nurses through writing. 

While this is an improvement from her former condition, there is still a long road ahead for Evancio. 

The post states that both her nose and eye will be prosthetic.  Her teeth, other than a few back ones, will all be dentures. 

It is believed that American punk rock band Off With Their Heads was linked to the accident. CTV News reported that they captured photo evidence of what looks like the band's bassist, Robbie Swartwood, taking a breathalyzer from a police officer. 

A spokesperson with the police told CTV News that the driver initially did not notice Evancio getting dragged by the vehicle.

Following the accident, the band released a statement on Facebook telling their fans they would be cancelling the remaining dates of the North American tour “due to the sensitive nature of an accident a band member was involved with.” 

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