The time has finally arrived for us to take that magical trip that we've always dreamt of. Air Canada announced on Tuesday, March 3, 2020, that they are introducing direct flights from Vancouver to Santa Ana, Orange County, which is the nearest airport to Disneyland. These Vancouver flights to Disneyland will start from as low as $187 one-way and we've already got our credit cards out.

Air Canada revealed the key details in their press release posted on Tuesday. The flights will be operating daily and will run all year round.

There are no seasonal limitations when it comes to the most magical place on earth, after all. 

Subject to "final airport authority approvals," these flights will begin flying from June 15, 2020, but Air Canada has given the go-ahead to buy the tickets right now if you're too excited to wait. 

No force in the world can or should stop you from jumping on the Air Canada website and getting those tickets. 

We Vancouverites might be a little crazy about the universe of Disney, so it's totally justified to freak out about the super reasonable prices that will get us up-close to our favourites characters. 

According to DistanceFromTo, Santa Ana Airport and Disneyland Park are just 8.4 kilometres apart. Though, you'll have to talk in miles once you land in the U.S.

That could take just between fifteen and twenty minutes by car, according to Google Maps. You can go right to the park from the airport, because why waste a single second?

We don't have to dilly-dally around Hollywood anymore when really, all we want to do is go underwater with Nemo, and go zipping through the air on The Incredibles rollercoaster. 

Mark Galardo, Vice President, Network Planning and Alliances at Air Canada, said, "In addition to offering direct flights to the iconic tourism, sports and entertainment attractions that Orange County is known for, our new flights will also conveniently link the increasing start-up, tech and innovator businesses that both Vancouver and southern California are home to."

So Vancouver is about to get real California crazy in the next couple of months, especially if cheaper, more convenient flights start coming in. 

Galardo also mentioned that they're planning for YVR airport to be a hub for connecting flights to Australia and India as well.

So we all have to keep a sharp eye on all the flight deals that keep popping up. Don't worry, you can count on us to keep you updated.