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Lili Reinhart From "Riverdale" Adopted An Adorable Pup From A BC Dog Rescue

One of Riverdale's most recognizable stars just became a dog-mom thanks to a local dog rescue in B.C. Lili Reinhart welcomed "Milo" into her life after getting them from Furever Freed Dog Rescue B.C. based in Langley. Her new family member is too cute for words and if it makes your heart melt, then you too can adopt or foster dogs through the organization.  

The cast of Riverdale returned to Vancouver in early 2020 to continue filming their hit show. They're expected to continue filming into the spring.

While she's not busy on set as Betty Cooper, Reinhart will likely be going for plenty of walks with her new dog around Vancouver.

No telling yet if her boyfriend and co-star Cole Sprouse will be in the dog's life in a significant way. 

According to a post on her verified Instagram account, she got her dog, Milo, from a Metro Vancouver organization that rescues dogs around the world from high-kill shelters.

The non-profit rescue group is run by volunteers and brings dogs from Mexico, South Korea, and the United States to Canada where they can find a safe home.

You can volunteer with the organization to foster dogs, too. Between the time they arrive in Canada and they go to their forever home, they can stay with you.

According to her Instagram captions, she's taking this dog-mom thing very seriously.

This photo uploaded on Monday, February 24, is captioned "My real life very own tiny son," and shows Reinhart with Milo snuggled into her chest.

It could be that the Riverdale star has been looking forward to dog parenthood for a while.

In an Instagram post from January 7, 2020 she's in a selfie with another tiny pup named Truffle who belongs to Reinhart's co-star Camilla Mendes who plays Veronica Lodge.

The caption reads, "I am stealing her one of these days @camimendes."

The Furever Freed Dog Rescue Society is worth following on Instagram because they continually post dog photos.

*Narcity spoke with its founder Lisa to find out more about Milo's story.

“We’re a little surprised,” she said, at all the attention this adoption has brought the organization. “At first, I didn’t even know who she was really because I don’t watch the show.”

Milo was listed as a terrier schnauzer mix and he's a rescue from Tijuana, Mexico.

According to Lisa, Reinhart ”was initially looking at a senior dog she wanted to rescue, when milo’s profile popped up she was really interested."

“We did have a lot of interest in him, lots of people wanted Milo,” Lisa said.

After a trial foster period, Reinhart spoke to Lisa and said she was going to be his forever home.

"He’s under one year old, so she did a 2-week foster to adopt trial and she notified me that he wasn’t going anywhere."

"He’s just been amazing and she’s taught him to sit, lie down and all sorts of tricks — her heart is so filled," Lisa said.

"We’re the busiest rescue in Canada. We rescue anywhere between 30 and 50 dogs a month" she said.

If you, too, want to welcome a dog into your life, donate, or volunteer — you can find out more on their website.

*This story has been updated.

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