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There's A $10,000 Reward If You Find Vancouver's Canuck The Crow

He's best known for stealing a knife from a crime scene.

It seems like the entire city of Vancouver is searching for Canuck the Crow. Yesterday, Canuck's human bestie Shawn Bergman released a video plea asking for the city to help find him. Vancouverites responded in full force but there is still no sign of the beloved bird. In order to get more people looking, Bergman is offering $10,000 reward for Canuck the Crow is for his safe return. 

According to an Instagram post by Bergman, his best friend of several years, Canuck the Crow, is missing. In his emotional video, Bergman states that he has not been seen since Friday.

After posting about it online, the internet went into full disaster mode and actively started searching for the unofficial city mascot. 

So far, the searches have been unsuccessful but hopefully, with $10,000 on the line, more eyes will be on the proverbial price. 

According to the official Facebook page, Canuck and I, there is $10,000 on the line for the safe return of Canuck.

The post states that Cassiar, his mate, has been calling for him and has gotten no response. Typical man. 

Anyone who may have spotted the bird is encouraged to email Bergman at canuckandi@gmail.com. 

Bergman has also released an update on Instagram stating that while there have been leads, nothing has turned up. 

"Went and did a search at the PNE grounds including the Coliseum where a Crow was spotted inside. No result. There was also a Crow spotted in Washington that matched his description, however, the timeline may be off for it to be him. Still being looked into,” wrote Bergman. 

Last night, Bergman held a candlelit vigil in Canucks honour. 

Canuck the Crow was labelled as a federally protected bird in July. He wears a numbered silver band on his right leg and a red band on his right. 

He is well known among many for the havoc he causes and his general lack of fear. Canuck has gotten himself into trouble in the past when he actively messed with a crime scene by stealing a knife!