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Dom Perignon & 24-Karat Gold Ice Cream Flavour Is Served At An All-Pink Spot In BC

When you think of a luxury ice cream, you might think of treats with caramel ribbon or maybe extra cookie dough. There's a popular spot in Vancouver that's serving up the most extra flavour imaginable. You can get Dom Perignon and 24-karat gold flavoured sorbetto now and it's ice cream goals.

La Casa Gelato is a cute all-pink shop run by the Misceo family who has had three generations take care of the shop. They know how to celebrate a win.

On Thursday, November 14 they celebrated their official entry into the Guinness Book of World Records for having the most flavours available on-site in one place. They have 238 flavours you can try.

To mark this day in ice cream history, they created a flavour with Dom Perignon champagne and 24-karat gold. It's the ultimate luxury flavour you'd expect Kanye West to order.  

Just like you might pop a bottle of the good stuff at a wedding or on New Year's Eve, this ice cream spot is serving up champagne their way.

The sorbetto is made with 24-karat gold and Dom Perignon. The average bottle is well over $100 so this is a luxury ice cream at it's finest.

According to CTV, the ice cream shop unveiled its new flavour at a party for officially becoming world record titleholders. Their luxury ice cream comes topped with strawberries and delicate chocolate fans.

[rebelmouse-image 25956983 photo_credit="La Casa Gelato | Facebook" expand=1 original_size="960x960"]

You can see big chunks of shiny, glittering gold inside the new flavour. 

La Casa Gelato's famous pink aesthetic makes it one of the cutest places in the city to get a treat. Plus, with 238 flavours you can try you will find the perfect match.

You can sample your favourite classics along with experimental flavours you've probably never seen before. We're definitely going to be ordering a double scoop of their brand new Dom Perignon & 24-Karat Gold ice cream.

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