Your favourite snack as a kid is returning in a brand new way. Growing up in the 90s, chances are you got to try Dunkaroos. The retro treat had mini cookies that you could dunk into a container of funfetti frosting. Well, now it is back and better than ever. You can now get "Dunkaroos" cinnamon buns in Vancouver that will give you major nostalgia.

Flourgirl Baking are the geniuses behind reinventing the cookies and icing snack and transforming those flavours into a cinnamon bun. According to Diane Yuan, the co-owner and head baker, "we were inspired by the snack-sized package of cookies and icing our parents used to pack in with our lunches."

The online-only vegan shop released their Dunkabuns in January as a monthly feature. But, they told Narcity via email that their popular Dunkabuns will be returning soon and added to their permanent menu.

Instead of a regular cinnamon bun, these are mini plant-based versions with graham crumbs rolled inside to taste like the cookies. Meanwhile, for the dip, there is a rainbow-hued confetti icing that is 100% vegan.

Just like you did as a kid, you'll be able to grab a mini bun into the container filled with deliciously sweet frosting. 

Even though we can't get the real Dunkaroos in Canada right now, their Instagram account mysteriously came back from the dead recently. While we wait for them to return one day,  we'll order these Dunkabuns in the meanwhile.

Each box has a dozen of their mini desserts plus the container of vegan buttercream funfetti.

All orders are made handmade daily and are all dairy-free, egg-free, and nut-free.

If that wasn't exciting enough, you don't even need to leave your house to try them. Instead of needing to race to get your hands on these sweets, you can get them sent to you.

Once the Dunkabuns re-launch, you'll be able to place your order online on their website.

It will be $18 for a box of 12, and delivery is free in Vancouver for orders over $20. Otherwise, there is a small $3 delivery fee.

Flourgirl Baking

Price: $18 for a box of 12

Cuisine: Bakery

Address: Online only

Why You Need To Try Them: They taste even better than the Dunkaroos you grew up eating.