Some people fill up on the chocolate for Valentine's Day or eat all the leftovers on Halloween, but the real connoisseurs of treats wait all year for Easter to dig into treats. You can get edible cookie dough with mini eggs at a hidden market just outside of Vancouver. The best news of all is that they have an online store and you can ship the sweet stuff anywhere in Canada.

Well Seasoned in Langley, about an hour from Vancouver, is chock-full of amazing eats that true foodies will love. 

In the spirit of spring, they're making a mini egg version of their ready-to-eat cookie dough. It's perfect for anyone who can't get enough Easter sweets.

Mini eggs and creme eggs, giant bunnies and foil-wrapped eggs — there's room in my heart for all of them.

Their cookie dough is stuffed with mini eggs and is back by popular demand. The market's owner, Angie Quaale, said that there's a resurgence of love for the cookie dough.

"We launched in 2017 and people may remember how much buzz there was, so now I guess people want it back," she said.

Each pack of cookie dough comes with its own wooden spoon so you can eat it straight from the package. In the past, they've also had other flavours like chocolate chip.*

Quaale said that she's heard that people eat it on their ice cream or as a sweet addition to their morning bowl of cereal, but there are no rules.

What a time to be alive! To think that, with a few clicks of a button, you can get mini egg cookie dough shipped to your door.

This is exactly what our five-year-old selves always wanted.

Whether you drop by the Langley store in person or order online, the frenzy begins on Monday, March 2, so chocolate fiends can get their mini egg fix soon.

Mini Egg Cookie Dough

Price: $6.99

When: From Monday, March 2 to Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Address: Well Seasoned, 20353 64 Ave., #117, Langley City, B.C.

Why You Need To Go: Explore this foodie haven just outside of Vancouver and stock up on colourful cookie dough treats.