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Vancouver Canucks' Elias Petterson Turned Into Captain America This Summer & Fans Love It

Revenge bod? Transformation Tuesday? Who's to say. The Elias Petterson Captian America body transformation has got the internet comparing him to the muscular superhero and even going so far as to call him Captian Canuck. We're here for it.

Elias Fredrik Pettersson is a 20-year-old Swedish hockey player who plays Forward for the Vancouver Canucks. Pettersson is making history on the ice and, as of recently, off the ice as well. More specifically, his new look has got the internet shook in the best of ways.

Elias Pettersson's summer body transformation has not gone unnoticed. The internet has compared the athlete to Marvel superhero Captian America. Though Captian America's bulk-up was thanks to a super-soldier serum, it appears Pettersson's was a product of plain old diet and exercise.

Pettersson told Sportsnet that he had talked to his strength coach back home over the summer about getting stronger and improving his fitness level in various areas. Now, after a summer of hard training, he’s feeling stronger, faster, and better than ever.

Now that he’s feeling fresh and has his new physique to prove it, he’s ready to shoot for a full 82-game season and playoffs. He told Sportsnet that his main focus was increasing his energy during games, as he said he was beginning to feel tired at the end of last season. We can't wait to see him hit the ice in the new Canucks jerseys.

The Canucks player got fully committed this summer, training as hard as he could to push for his goals, are we are excited to see how his new gains play out on the ice.

Iain MacIntyre of Sportsnet confirmed that the athlete does believe he's gotten bigger, though he doesn't feel his muscles merit a Captian America comparison.

The formerly lanky young man now looks like the globally-celebrated athlete that he is and he's giving us some serious fitness motivation. People are beginning to feel like Pettersson might be carrying the team this year.

Though some people are saying he's simply "grown into his head," we know it's much more than that, Elias. 

Pettersson was drafted to Vancity’s beloved team in 2017 and signed a three-year contract the following year. The up-and-comer won the Calder Memorial Trophy after being deemed the league’s best rookie in 2019. This made Pettersson the second Canuck to ever receive this honour. The young athlete has spent the summer getting in tip-top shape and he's feeling (and looking) better than ever, according to an interview with Sportsnet.

So, will we see a faster Pettersson hit the ice at the season opener in Edmonton on Oct. 2? We'll just have to wait and see.

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