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A Canadian Company's Hilarious Plan To Shame Plastic Bag Users Is Completely Backfiring

These embarrassing plastic bags are meant to encourage customers to bring reusable bags.

With the ban of single-use plastics being a hot topic in Canada over the past year, one Canadian grocery store attempted to do their part in limiting the amount of plastic bags that their customers used. In a hilarious plan to shame plastic bag users, the East West Market in Vancouver created 'embarrassing' plastic bags with slogans such as "Wart Ointment Whoesale" in attempts to encourage customers to bring reusable bags. While the idea was a good one, it's now completely backfiring on the store as Canadians flock in to get their hands on these hilarious plastic bags. 

Last month, East West Market's owner, David Lee Kwen wanted to do his part in helping the environment. After attempting to charge a fee for plastic bags, he quickly realized it wasn't encouraging customers to bring their own bags. So Kwen came up with a much more creative idea to encourage people to bring in their own reusable bags. 

Still charging five cents per bag for customers who forget to bring their own, Kwen has printed embarrassing slogans on each bag to shame his customers for using them. Some of these hilariously embarrassing slogans include, "Into the Weird Adult Video Emporium", "The Colon Care Co-Op" and "Wart Ointment Wholesale". 

While Kwen's efforts to curb the use of single-use plastic is creative, it may have been just a little bit too funny. Since the release of this embarrassing bags, his plan has completely backfired as customers are coming to his store just to get their hands on these plastic bags. 

According to the National Post, since his bags have been gaining popularity fans have been coming to his store in packs just to grab one of these single-use bags as a collectible. Unfortunately, this means that instead, Kwen's plan to limit the amount of plastic bags his store distributes has actually encouraged people to go to his store to get one of these bags. 

Kwen told the National Post that he plans to release a collection of reusable canvas bags to stop those who continue to purchase his plastic bags. 

He hopes that these reusable bags will not only encourage those who purchase them to stop using single-use plastic bags but will also start a conversation. 

Kwen hopes that when people see these embarrassing slogans printed on bags, they will want to know the origin story and a conversation about single-use plastic can be started. 

At the moment, Vancouver does not have a plastic bag ban in the city but does charge customers five cents per bag.