If your family is Chinese like mine, then you probably get dragged to dim sum every Saturday morning when really you just wanna be in bed. If your family isn't Chinese, you've still probably had dim sum on a Saturday morning because your friends brought you.

Though I'm sure you've had some pretty great dim sum (I mean you do live in Vancouver), you've never had dim sum like this before.

At Fortune House Seafood Restaurant, you can get emoji dim sum! These adorable little emoji "bao" buns are filled with sweet, golden, egg-yolky goodness, topped with a cute little emoji face. You can even poke a little hole at the mouth so that it drools out the gold egg yolk.

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But the cuteness doesn't stop there. You can even get Chinese hot dog buns, that well, actually look like little puppies. 

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How cute are they?! Totally reminds me of Precious from The Nut Job. These delicious buns are made with Chinese sausage in the middle and "bao" wrapped around the outside.

This emoji dim sum trend originated in Hong Kong, and has now crossed the Pacific Ocean to Vancouver. The emoji buns have actually been at Fortune House for quite some time now, but it's never too late to try them.

Thank you Fortune House, dim sum has never looked this cute. Fortune House Seafood Restaurant inside of Metrotown, at #2199A-4700 Kingsway and is open weekdays from 10AM - 3PM and 5:30PM - 10PM, and weekends from 9AM - 3PM and 5:30PM - 10PM.