Just when you thought the weird weather phenomenons were over, we wake up to snow here in Vancouver. I wish I could tell you this is where it ends but, of course, there’s more. According to Environment Canada, Vancouver is in for a trio of weird and rare weather including snow, rain, and a thunderstorm today. Get ready Vancouver, we are in for a wild ride this Thursday!

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Just when the cherry blossoms were beginning to bloom around Vancouver, Mother Nature decided to dump snow on us. Typical. But this isn’t where the weird weather ends for us Vancouverites. Today, we could be seeing a rare mix of snow, rain, and a thunderstorm. 

That’s right. Environment Canada spoke to the Vancouver Sun and told them that we will be seeing a super rare weather event today. Carmen Hartt, a meteorologist with Environment Canada, told the Vancouver Sun that Vancouver will be experiencing “thunder snow” today. 

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According to Hartt, thunder snow is created when cold arctic air mixes with warmer surface temperatures to create a “turbulent and unstable air mass.” So basically, thunder snow means exactly what it sounds like- thunder and lighting during the snow. 

What happened to The Weather Network saying we would have an early spring? 

Harrt explained that today's snowfall was a result of “persistent Arctic air that was responsible for the coldest February on record.” She also explained that it is rather difficult to predict if snow, rain, or both will be present because the precipitation is more intense than scattered. 

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According to Environment Canada, the risk of a thunderstorm will begin at around noon and will last until around 5 PM. Chances of rain and wet flurries will last all day, with it easing up at around 7 PM.

Last month, Vancouver and the rest of the province saw a never-ending amount of snow. In fact, many parts of the province haven't seen this much snow in over a decade. 

Vancouver also broke records for having the coldest Valentine's Day in the history of weather. Yikes!

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But don't worry Vancouver. After this mixed bag of weather is over, it looks like we will be getting sun with the chance of showers later on in the week. Typical spring weather!