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Environment Canada Just Issued A Warning That BC Will Be Hit By A Winter Snow Storm Tonight

Snow storm will hit parts of BC and Metro Vancouver tonight.
Environment Canada Just Issued A Warning That BC Will Be Hit By A Winter Snow Storm Tonight

Brace yourself for some drastic weather changes in BC. Environment Canada has issued a warning that a winter snowstorm is hitting BC tonight and there is forecasted to be over 35 cm of snowfall. So much for the mild winter weather we've been enjoying the past little while in Vancouver. 

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Several parts of BC are forecasted to be hit by the winter storm, including areas close to Metro Vancouver, according to Environment CanadaThe winter snow storm is expected to affect the Fraser Valley, the Sea to Sky corridor (including Squamish and Whistler), the Coquihalla Highway, Vancouver Island and more regions of the province. So if you're driving today on the popular Sea to Sky or Coquihalla Highway, make sure to be extra careful. 

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Environment Canada warns that "hazardous winter conditions are expected". For regions such as the Fraser Valley and Coquihalla Highway, "storm total snowfall accumulation upwards of 35 cm will fall over the highway by late Thursday as an intense Pacific frontal system stalls over southern British Columbia beginning this afternoon", announces Environment Canada

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In Whistler, Environment Canada forecasts that "snow will become heavy at times tonight before changing to rain Thursday afternoon. Snowfall accumulations in excess of 30 cm are possible by Thursday afternoon". On the bright side, that means fresh powder for skiing/boarding on the Whistler mountains. 

If you're driving on the highways today, be careful out there! "Prepare for quickly changing and deteriorating travel conditions," warns Environment Canada. "Weather in the mountains can change suddenly resulting in hazardous driving conditions". 

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Meanwhile, in Metro Vancouver, the city can enjoy avoiding the winter storm that is coming, but a different weather warning has been issued. Environment Canada has released a special weather alert about the heavy rainfall coming to Vancouver. 

There is forecasted to be heavy downpours and in Metro Vancouver today which could lead to flash floods. According to Environment Canada, there is expected to be about 30 mm of rainfall over the southern sections and up to 80 mm near the mountains by tonight. 

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