Local Video Shows Truck Driver Allegedly Trying To Kidnap Young Canadian Woman In BC

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Local Video Shows Truck Driver Allegedly Trying To Kidnap Young Canadian Woman In BC

A shocking video posted to Facebook on Saturday, April 27 is warning Canadians not to walk home alone at night. The disturbing video shows a truck driver allegedly trying to kidnap a young woman in Surrey, BC

On Saturday, the video was posted by local resident Dylan Ackimenko who warns others in the area to be careful when you're out late at night by yourself. He urges his friends to always get a cab after he received a video from a friend last weekend showing an attempted kidnapping in his neighbourhood. 

According to Ackimenko's post, his friend Kelsey Young was walking home very late on Friday night when she was allegedly approached by a truck driver who attempted to abduct her into his vehicle.

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The beginning of the video seemingly shows Young walking down the middle of the road while her camera points towards the ground. She is filming the entire time and begins to pass the truck when you hear someone yelling in the background. 

It seems like the driver asks what she's doing to which she replies "Nothing" as she continues to walk past the semi-truck. Only moments later, the driver gets out of his vehicle, crosses the truck to where Young was walking.

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As the driver runs over to Young, the camera begins moving and you can hear a struggle between the two. It sounds like the driver is telling Young to get in his truck and threatening to "grab" her telling her that he'll "drive" her. 

You can hear the driver repeatedly say "I'll grab you" throughout the altercation. You can also hear Young arguing with the driver saying "No" and "Stop" over and over again.

After a few seconds, the driver retreats back to his truck and Young follows him to catch him on video. The driver quickly gets into the semi-truck and quickly drives off.

According to Ackimenko, the driver allegedly left as the video shows but then came back and reportedly pushed Young down to the ground and stole her phone. Ackimenko mentions that Young was able to send the video to him before her phone was stolen.

It has been confirmed that Surrey RCMP is investigating the incident. 

The video already has over 388,000 views, and 8,370 shares on Facebook.

He ends the caption by saying that he hopes women in the area will take this video seriously and to be safe outside as he fears this could happen again to someone else. "My stomach hurts watching this and listening to the fear in her voice. Im so glad she got away." Ackimenko says.

Narcity has reached out to the truck driving company for a comment but we did not receive a response at the time of publication.

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