We talk a lot about High Tea here at Narcity and in Vancouver, there are a ton of magical tea places to go and even unique tea opportunities like having tea in a lavender field! However, there's a new tea experience in town now that takes the cake. The Fairmont Hotel Vancouver Tea In The Window is going to seriously turn heads along West Georgia Street in Downtown Vancouver!

The Fairmont Hotel Vancouver is well known for its amazing tea service that usually comes with a fun twist. We've seen themed teas like Whimsical Forest and Science Experiments in the past, but this new tea adventure is next-level.

Tea for two is served in the actual retail window of the historic hotel. This means you'll be in full view of the busy street below, begging the question, who is watching whom? 

The custom art display was designed by Mandy Lau, according to a press release from the Fairmont obtained by Narcity. It makes it look like you're part of a little city scene inside the window itself. As far as unique teas and photo ops go, this is one of the best we've ever seen! This brings a whole new meaning to people watching and window shopping.

The service begins with a choice of the Fairmont's Lot 35 tea. Then, you can have housemade English scones and golden sultana scones served with clotted cream and jam. Everyone knows that the scones are one of the most integral parts of the high tea experience and the Fairmont's scones do not disappoint. You'll also get an amazing selection of tea sandwiches and desserts, including tea sweets served in a mini suitcase!

This unique tea experience blending fantasy and reality has limited availability. It's running from Thursday, August 1 to Monday, September 2. There's only one reservation available per day for two people and the seating is at 12 PM. To make your reservation, call 604-443-1843. 

Afternoon Tea In The Window

Price: $59 per person

Address: Fairmont Hotel Vancouver, 900 W Georgia St, Vancouver, BC V6C 2W6

When: 12 PM every day from

Thursday, August 1 to Monday, September 2

Why you need to go: Discover the most unique tea experience in the window of the iconic Fairmont Hotel Vancouver.