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Vancouver Just Got A Salad Vending Machine Because It's Vancouver (PHOTOS)

Health nuts, listen up. This one is for you. The first salad vending machine has opened in Vancouver because, obviously, it's so Vancouver. In terms of all things trending and different, Vancouver remains king so it’s only natural that our vending machines also innovate by going green. So here's everything you need to know about them! 

Eating healthy and becoming vegan has become incredibly mainstream in Vancouver. One entrepreneur recognized this and began catering to that need by bringing a new salad vending machine to the city. While the chips and chocolates that are typically in a vending machine may be appealing, this is definitely the healthier alternative to grabbing food on the go. 

Vancouver resident Ryan Dennis, owner of the soon to be Larry’s Market, is giving all of us a taste of what his new local and all organic store will look like through this vending machine. Dennis plans on opening his specialty vegetarian grocery store later this spring but until then, he strongly believes that people can indulge in all things healthy before then. 

The vending machine is currently selling jarred salads. Anything from chickpeas and lentils to beats and arugula are sold in the machine. All salads come with a perfectly paired dressing all you have to do is literally shake it and go. 

Alongside the salads are other fresh and healthy goodies that are super typical of Vancouver – including kombucha, water, desserts, and lighter snacks. This is probably the most Vancouver vending machine ever. 

The machine is currently up and running in Lonsdale Quay, which is the site of the soon-to-open Larry’s Market. While there is only one vending machine currently in operation, the company has its sights set on opening a few more around Vancouver. However, for now, they are focusing on getting the store ready for its opening. 

Healthy vending machines like this are not new to Vancouver, however, this is the first one focusing on salads. Back in 2016, Fresh Now's vending machines started to cater to the healthier audience by providing items like kale chips, fruit, power balls, and overnight oats.

While innovative, Dennis’ creation is not the first in Canada. A similar model has been done in Montreal. Two salad vending machines very similar to this one are currently running at McGill University and at Central Station. 

To find out more about the new Larry's Market and salad vending machines, you can visit their Facebook page.

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