An Easy 1-km Hike Near Vancouver Will Lead You To A Magical Waterfall Hidden In The Woods

It's just off the highway!
Flood Falls Hike In Hope BC Is Only 1-km & The Hidden Waterfall Will Take You Breath Away

There's just something magical about discovering new waterfalls. You don't even have to venture far outside of Vancouver to find this beauty. A short one-kilometre hike will be enough to get you up-and-close to Flood Falls, B.C. And there's no way you should pass up on that. 

The waterfall is located in the town of Hope, B.C., which is about a two-hour drive from downtown Vancouver.

It's perfect if you want to make a quick getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city. 

The trail to find this magical waterfall can be accessed from Highway 1 via Exit 165. You'll need to turn right into Flood Hope Road and then left onto another small road. 

That's it. A clear sign at the parking lot will direct you towards the Flood Falls Trail and the views pretty much start right there. 

The trek is really easy and short. It will take you approximately 30 minutes to get to the falls.

The glorious trees and a serene creek running through the woods will make the whole journey more than worth it, too.

Plus, you'll be able to hear the sounds of the gushing waterfall within the first 15 minutes. And further along, you'll also be able to spot the waterfall through the trees. 

Playing peekaboo with the waterfall is probably the best way to get excited if you ask us. 

Finally, the trail will lead you to a clearing and then you'll be able to see and experience Flood Falls for yourself. 

According to Outdoor Vancouver, the best time to visit the falls is around spring. That's when the water is flowing at its peak. 

The intensity simmers down in the summer, so if you're not a fan of super misty waterfalls, that's when you should plan your visit.

But it's going to be a breathtaking sight regardless. Plus, nothing beats a quick dip in a natural swimming hole. That's what summer is for. 

Be careful if you're standing at the base of Flood Falls. Rocks can fall from the top every now and then, warns Outdoor Vancouver.  

Being a fairly tall waterfall, Flood Falls can actually be viewed from the highway itself.

But with a trail that's going to take only an hour out of your day, this is the perfect pit stop along any journey. Or a whole destination in and of itself. 

Flood Falls

Address: Highway 1, Hope, BC

Why You Need To Go: Discover a slice of waterfall paradise hidden in the B.C. woods. The short hike is beyond worth the views at the end.