Just when you thought sushi burritos were the greatest food combo ever created by mankind, sushi tacos come in and absolutely blow it out of the water.

The recent opening of Kurumucho in downtown Vancouver has brought us a little slice of sushi taco heaven. What's a sushi taco you ask? It's literally sushi but in taco form. Kurumucho packs a nori seaweed taco shell (instead of a traditional corn tortilla) with tons of sushi goodness - rice, avocado, fresh sashimi, tempura, pork brisket, etc.

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Ughhh look at that crispy fried and battered nori taco shell deliciousness, and all the heavenly sushi components filling it up to the brim.

If you're feeling a little less up for the sushi taco combo, you can always get the tacos without the crispy nori on a corn tortilla and stick to something a little more traditional...

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So come out and get your hands on 'em. Kurumucho is located at 985 Hornby St and is open Monday to Friday 11:30 AM to 8 PM, and Saturday 11:30 AM to 6 PM.