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This Vancouver Realtor Will Actually Give You A Free Tesla If You Buy Their Homes

All you need to do is purchase a town house!

If you’re in the market to buy a home, you may want to consider this as an option. A realtor company in Metro Vancouver is actually giving home buyers free Teslas with every house purchase. That is a $55,000 value that you get for free! This is the most 2019 thing ever. 

The housing crisis in B.C. is real. It seems like everyone we know is renting because it's next to impossible to own a home. 

In order to get people purchasing, real estate companies have been offering a variety of incentives to get people interested in their properties. These incentives come into play after you buy the home and it can be anything from free wine to avocado toast. The latest incentive tactic is pretty ridiculous and is actually a smoking $55,00 value. 

According to an email sent by the Century Group to Narcity, the company is giving away a Model 3 Tesla base model with every purchase of one of their 10 remaining homes. 

All 10 of the homes are in a new development in South Surrey. Starting tomorrow, you can get your free Tesla with the purchase of a home until midnight on Oct. 31, 2019. 

Oh and don’t worry. Your new home will have a spot for you to charge your new car. 

The homes are gorges and are located at 3618 150th Street in Surrey. You can either pick a two or a four-bedroom place in the development. 

All units are up on a hill overlooking Nicomekl River so the views alone are worth it. 

While it may seem like a good deal to get the Tesla, keep in mind that you will be paying $1.058 million for these ready to move into homes. 

Honestly, this is the most extra 2019 incentive ever and we aren't even surprised. 

You may be broke after purchasing your home but at least you’ll be able to cruise around in style!

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