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French Montana Opens Up About His Love For Canada & His Most Memorable Moments (Exclusive)

The Moroccan born American rapper wasn't shy about his love for Canada.
French Montana Opens Up About His Love For Canada & His Most Memorable Moments (Exclusive)

Last week, French Montana hosted an epic house party in Vancouver, BC. French was the second stop in the Bud Light House Party Tour across Canada. In collaboration with Bud Light, they rented out a huge mansion in West Vancouver and invited 60+ of his biggest fans to a house party with a private show. It was definitely a wild night and his fans have dubbed it as "unforgettable". 

But before he performed, he let us ask him a few questions about what he thinks of Canada and his Canadian fans.

Here's what he had to say.

Surprisingly, French is a huge fan of Canada! 

When we asked him about Vancouver, he told us that he actually loves Vancouver! He even said that "It's like the California of Canada." We may not have the best weather year-round, but the city is beautiful! And while French was visiting this past week, he got to enjoy a few amazing days of sunshine in BC.

He even stated some of the best food he's ever had was in Vancouver! 

He was happy to tell us all about his most memorable concerts in Canada. He was quick to say that OVO Fest with Drake way back in the day were some of his favourite memories here.

Another favourite memory was from years ago when he first performed with Lola, who was his booking agent at the time. Back then, he hadn't blown up yet to be the insane star that he is now, he remembered that he "only had one mixtape out and like 3000 people came out [to the concert]." 

Of course, now, French is used to headlining huge stadiums with hundreds of thousands of fans. Just last weekend, French performed at Center Of Gravity Music Festival in Kelowna, BC and posted the video above, stating his love for the huge Canadian crowd. 

He also talked about how he remembers Toronto and Vancouver have the wildest and the craziest fans in all of Canada! When we asked who had the nicest fans, he said it was hands down Ottawa! 

He also boasted about how Canada has amazing food! Every time he comes into the country, his favourite Canadian, Drake takes him around to all of the best restaurants. 

We asked French, between the U.S.A, Canada and Morocco, which country has the best music? He said, "Canadians right now are winning." He went on to list some of Canada's best artists: Bieber, Drake, Able, Belly and Nav. He continued, "Y’all are winning right now as far as talent goes." He's super impressed with all of the musical talents that Canada has to offer. 

When we asked French which country had the best food, he said that even though Canada has great food, he ultimately prefers his "aunt's cooking" from Morocco.

One thing that Canada isn't the best at, unfortunately, is fashion. He said that the United States is probably winning in that category. But hey, at least he loves our musicians!

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