Let me start this off by saying I love my Dad. I do. He's one of the greats. Supportive. Kind. Smart AF! (Math Tutor 2005 whaddup!) But he goes a little hiking wild. The man has summited peaks in the Himalayas for god's sake!

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Anyway, because of his many adventures, I've had the pleasure to visiting Garibaldi Provincial Park many times.

The best part about this hike is that it's for all ages, all species, and all weather! Living in BC's unpredictable climate isn't going to stop anyone from summiting one of Garibaldi's many peaks.

So slap on your plaid, pack your compass and make your way to the hiking capital of BC: Squamish! You're going to love this place.

You'll experience a sunrise you'll want to wake up for.

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The trails will make you feel like you're an extra on Into The Wild.

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You've never scored a better campground in your life.

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You can dress as the #pnw babe that you are.

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You've got plenty of nooks to stretch it out.

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You can't beat the nightlife.

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You will make fast friends.

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The lakes look like they were filled with blue Gatorade.

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It's a great date spot for you and your s/o.

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It's beautiful in literally any climate.

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The fog only enhances its beauty.

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You can flashback to Twilight in these meadows.

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It's a great place to take a quick dip.

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The serenity is off the chain.

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Your Instagram will be LIT.

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You can hang around for awhile.

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You can choose your own adventure with multiple peaks to summit.

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It's dog-friendly.

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And sunsets that are straight out of a Bob Ross Special.

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Lastly, you can feel Canadian AF!!

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