This Day Hike Near Vancouver Will Take You To The Most Epic Turquoise Lake In The Province

Blue Gatorade, is that you?
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Garibaldi Provincial Park Has A Epic Hiking Trail That Takes You To A Turquoise Lake

Just when you thought B.C. couldn’t get any more beautiful, we show you this. Garibaldi Provincial Park near Vancouver is home to an amazing 18-kilometre hike that gives you some of the best views. It may seem like a lot of steps to take, but trust us, the views are so worth it. You will literally be greeted by a glacier-fed lake that has some of the brightest blue water ever. 

There are some amazing hikes in the province. From mountain-top views to waterfalls and watering holes, the hikes around B.C. offer some of the most picture-perfect scenes. 

One of the most beautiful hikes is in Garibaldi Provincial Park. 

Altogether, the provincial park has 90 kilometres of trails to explore and even some campsites. 

But the best trail is the Garibaldi Lake Trail. This 18-kilometre looped trail will bring you face to face with one of the most gorgeous blue lakes ever. 

Think Lake Louise but local. 

It’s definitely an all-day hike since it’s a bit longer but that just means it's the perfect weekend activity. 

The trail isn’t considered to be too difficult so just get ready for a lot of walking. 

It should take about five hours to complete so snacks and water are a must-have. 

To get to the trail, all you need to do is drive to the provincial park which is only one-hour and 45 minutes from Vancouver. 

It’s not dog friendly so your fur baby will need to stay home. 

The trail is gorgeous at any time of year but the best time to go is during the summer months.

Bring your bathing suit cause once you get to the water, you will definitely want to go in for a dip. The lake is glacier fed so it will be a little (a lot) cold.

If you just want to take in the scenery, be sure to bring your camera because these views need to be shared.

In addition to the lake views, you will also get to see surrounding mountain tops, lush forests, and even wildflowers. 

There is seriously not one bad photo of the trail and if that doesn't inspire you to get out and get active then we don't know what will. 

Next to Kalamalka Lake, this could be one of B.C. bluest lakes.

Garibaldi Lake Trail 

Address: Squamish-Lillooet D, BC

Why You Need To Go: Getting out of the city has never felt so good. Even the drive from Vancouver will have your jaw on the floor. This hike and this whole experience is an absolute must-try.

Stephanie Hilash
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Stephanie Hilash is a guest staff writer