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BC Dude Offers To Row Greta Over To Victoria

The famously eco-friendly city wants Greta to visit.
Greta Thunberg Victoria Visit Has People In BC Wanting To Row Her Over

Victoria is B.C.'s capital city but it's on Vancouver Island and it's separated from the mainland. BC Ferries is the main way to connect the island to the mainland, but since it uses fossil fuels it could be difficult for a certain Swedish teenage climate activist to make her way to the island. A Greta Thunberg Victoria visit could happen thanks to the most surprising of scenarios. 

In an email from the office of Lisa Helps, the mayor of the City of Victoria, the city confirmed that "there are people in the community offering to row her over."

Adam Kreek is an Olympic gold medalist who in 2013 rowed completely unassisted across the Atlantic Ocean. "He has offered to row her here and back," said the email from the mayor's office.

Kreek has offered to help bring Greta Thunberg to Victoria fossil-fuel free in his Whitehall rowboat and is excited for the opportunity, hoping that she takes him up on it.

He thinks that the trip from Vancouver, where Greta will be, to Victoria would take between four to eight hours. "We've had a whole bunch of calls from the community offering to provide boats for the trip, too," said Kreek's rep Rebecca Sterritt over the phone.

Greta Thunberg famously refused to fly from Europe to New York because plane trips create a ton of fossil-fuel emissions. It makes sense that if she won't even take a plane across the Atlantic, she wouldn't be interested in a diesel fuel ferry voyage from Vancouver to Victoria.

According to the BC Ferries website, the fleet uses diesel fuel. While they've taken many measures to reduce their carbon footprint like finding ways to reduce fuel consumption and using natural gas on five vessels, fuels still contribute to carbon emissions.

Narcity reached out to BC Ferries for comment and they said that they have plans in the works to transition to green technology.

"We are expecting two new battery-electric vessels to enter service next year," said Deborah Marshall, the BC Ferries Executive Director of Public Affairs by email. "We welcome Greta to travel on these ferries when they enter service next year."

Greta Thunberg is expected to be in Vancouver on Friday, October 25 to take part in climate change protests. There's no official word yet from her or her team whether or not she will take up Adam Kreek on his kind offer to row her across. 

The climate activist has been making waves across the country by protesting in cities like Montreal and Edmonton in recent weeks.

Narcity reached out to Greta's Fridays for Future campaign and will update this story.

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