Many Canadians in the Prairies and B.C. rely heavily on the Greyhound. 

BC, specifically, is home to many small towns in the interior that are only accessible by driving on very dangerous highways. Many Canadians opt out of driving on the deadly roads and leave it to the professionals at Greyhound Canada.

It's very common that university students, children and the elderly rely on the Greyhound when they're travelling to visit their families, if they're coming home from university, or going on work-related trips throughout BC. 

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Personally, I went to a university in BC that was located in the interior. I attended the school for four looooong years and every time I would come home to Vancouver to visit my family at Christmas, Thanksgiving, or during summer vacation, my friends and I would take the Greyhound back home. I know that tons of students rely on the Greyhound routes in BC. 

It's the most common way for BC residents to get around our large province. 

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So we're shocked that Greyhound Canada announced that they will be shutting down all our their routes in B.C., Alberta, Manitoba and even Saskatchewan except for one. 

According to Global News, Greyhound Canada has stated that the only route that will still be available is a U.S. run service between Vancouver and Seattle. The changes will take effect on October 31st, 2018. 

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Ontario and Quebec will not be affected by the new changes. The company has stated that there has been a 41% decline in ridership since 2010 and it's no longer sustainable to run the old routes. 

All I know is that there are going to be a lot of disappointed BC residents that are going to be forced to drive the dizzying (and risky) highways in BC to visit their families.