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BC's Famous Grizzly Bears Are Finally Awake & Ready To Eat 20k Calories A Day (PHOTOS)

But this time there will be no people to greet them.
Grouse Mountain Grizzly Bears Are Awake & Ready To Eat 20k Calories A Day

It’s officially spring which means two rather famous bears in B.C. have woken up from a long winter of napping. The Grouse Mountain grizzly bears were sleeping in their den for long enough and now it's time for them to eat almost 20,000 calories a day. You can see them chowing down, play fighting, and taking in the remaining spring snow from the comfort of your home since they've got live cameras. 

Grouse Mountain is home to two very famous bears. Grinder and Coola are the epitome of being cute but tough and now, they have finally woken up. 

The resort has an adorable origin story about the two bears posted on their website. Apparently, Grinder was found in Invermere, B.C. while Coola was found orphaned along a highway near Bella Coola, B.C. Hence the name. 

This is the duos 19th hibernation together. If that’s not goals, we don’t know what is. 

To mark this milestone hibernation and acknowledge that spring has sprung, the Grouse Mountain Resort posted a bunch of photos of the two cuties on their Facebook page. 

According to the post, the grizzlies are out and about exploring their mountaintop habitat. While this is normal for the pair, it is a little weird for them not to be greeted by anyone. 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the mountain resort has been closed down which means there were no visitors to greet the two sleepy bears like they're used to.

But that hasn’t stopped the two from putting on a show. Ever since they woke up, they have been play fighting and familiarizing themselves with their surroundings once more. 

And, of course, they are eating lots. 

Grouse Mountain Resort explains that grizzlies can easily eat over 100 pounds of salmon in one day. Their daily caloric requirement is almost 20,000 calories. 

If you slept as long as these cuties do, you would want to eat that much, too.  

While the average male grizzly hibernates for as little as several weeks, females take snoozing to a new level and hibernate for as long as seven months. 

To be honest, we could all use a seven-month sleep at this point. 

Even though you may not be able to visit these large beasts in person, you can watch them on their live cams. 

Much like how the Vancouver Aquarium has live cameras set up on their penguins and otters, people can tune in and watch the bears get up to nothing but trouble. 

These cams are perfect because you will never feel like you’re missing out on anything. 

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