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Halloween Weekend In Vancouver Is Going To Be Dark, Cloudy & Creepy

One day this weekend will literally have 0 hours of sunlight.
Halloween Weekend In Vancouver Is Going To Be Dark, Cloudy & Creepy

Halloween is only a couple days away and many Canadians are out there making the mistake we make every single year: picking our costumes before looking at the weather forecast. If you've ever seen a beautiful costume get destroyed by a raincoat or snow boots, you know the tragedy is real. Well, we've got the scoop on Halloween weather in Vancouver so you don't have to do any last-minute weatherproofing.

According to The Weather Network, we can thank our lucky stars because we are in for a dry Halloween weekend, Vancouver. By dry we mean no rain, it'll still be damp in the air per usual. Though we may not be sporting soggy costumes, we have to endure a serious lack of sunshine. On Thursday, October 31, Halloween will be dark, cloudy, and perhaps even foggy. If you were looking for the perfect spooky Halloween decor, just step outside because here in Vancouver, spooky is just real life when it comes to the fall.

On October 31 there will only be four hours of sun for the entire day. Temperatures will be 10 C during the day and 4 C at night. There is a slight chance of rain but nothing to lose sleep about.

As for the days to follow, Friday, November 1 will be absolutely glorious. It will be sunny all day with 11 C temperatures during the day. If you’re wondering what day to go out to celebrate Halloween, you’ve found it. As for the rest of the weekend, you can expect a pretty average day on Saturday with sun and clouds and 10 C temperatures. There will be about five hours of sunlight in total.

The bad news rolls around on Sunday where you will experience an entirely grey day of clouds and zero hours of sunlight. Zero. If you need a hangover day or a self-care day over the Halloween weekend in Vancouver, Sunday is the perfect day to stay indoors and do nothing.

Though we're not overly excited about the dreary predictions, we are pleased to learn that we don't have to try and seamlessly incorporate an umbrella into our costumes this year. None of these weather predictions should keep you indoors or hold you back from your big Halloween plans. So we'll call that a win.

If you're curious about what the next few months of weather will bring for B.C., we can expect a wet and snowy winter with temperatures just above freezing. There is also more rain and less snow predicted than in past years. December to February will be the coldest months and the snowiest periods will occur in that timeframe as well. 

It's not good news but it's also not bad news. So, there's that. Get out there and enjoy the dry days while they last. Happy and safe Halloweening, Vancouver!

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