Remember when we all lost our marbles because a Harry Potter-themed pop-up bar was coming to Vancouver? Then remember when we all had our hearts broken when we found out it was no longer happening? Well, we’ve got unreal news for you. According to a press release emailed to Narcity, Vancouver’s Harry Potter themed pop-up bar, The Wizard's Cauldron, will indeed be opening its doors this fall.

The Wizard’s Cauldron is everything a Harry Potter fan could dream of and more. The bar is centred around creating magical potions for your drinking pleasure. Along with the potions and the enchanting bar itself, you’ll receive a robe to wear and a wand to use upon entry. You’ll also get to sip on mead or mulled wine and two alcoholic potions. Lastly, you’ll receive help making your potion from a real live potion master.

HP fans will be welcomed into the pop-up bar for 90-minute sessions which will give you more than enough time to make and drink your potions, experience the wonder of the bar itself, and snap a few pictures of the whole shebang. More specifically, the magical watering hole will open in March of 2020 in a secret location.

Whether you’re a die-hard fan or a bandwagon watcher, you will absolutely love it here. The experience is like nothing else, that’s for sure.

The bar is basically your chance to take a class at Hogwarts with a boozy twist. Can you imagine anything better? We can’t say where the secret location will be, but we can say that you will never forget it once you step inside.

The dimly-lit, semi-spooky venue is filled with things that will make you feel like you’re actually living a witch or wizard’s life. Topsy-turvy decorations make it look as if the decor is floating. Smoking cauldrons hold your potions, and Harry Potter fans gather to celebrate the fandom we all grew up with.

We cannot wait to check this place out, and we hope to see you there. Though our hearts were momentarily broken, our faith is restored and we've already decided it's our new favourite place on earth. Now, we're waiting for the next unique pop up bar experience like Pokemon!

The Wizard's Cauldron Bar

When: March 2020

Address: TBD

Why You Need To Go: Live the life you always wanted in Harry Potter world.

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