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Here Are All The Best Tips New UBC Students Need To Know Before Starting Classes

September is here and so is the first week of school. It might just be another first day back at school for many, but for some, it means making the transition from high school to university or transferring from another university to a new one.  

It obviously can be stressful to start at a new school, especially one as big as the University of British Columbia, which is over 400 hectares and feels like it's own town. With over 60,000 students, it might feel overwhelming when you first start at the university. That's why we're hoping to help you make the transition an easier one.

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We've got a list of 10 things to help you get settled in comfortably at UBC. These tips will help make your first week at uni amazing! UBC is filled with so many unique opportunities for you to make the most out of your university experience. 

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1. Don't buy your textbooks before your first class.

Profs will usually give more information about books during your first lecture, and sometimes the textbook is only optional or you can buy an older edition (which is usually cheaper).

2. Buy your textbooks used whenever possible.

Used textbooks are so much cheaper than new ones from the bookstore. There are a ton of Facebook groups for buying and selling UBC textbooks – for example, here's a popular one with almost 30,000 members.

3. Get a bike or longboard. 

If you're living on campus or your classes are super far from each other, it can be super helpful to have a bike, longboard or something similar to help you get across campus, especially if you in farther dorms like Totem.

4. There are several different ways to get a workout in. 

No matter your fitness lifestyle, UBC will probably have something that accommodates. Students get free access to the Aquatic Centre, and a membership to the BirdCoop (the student gym) is super cheap. There's also a hot yoga studio, fitness classes, Gold's Gym and more on campus to keep you healthy and in shape!

5. UBC has a ton of different student clubs and associations.

Check out Clubs Day, which usually happens in mid-September, and you'll be able to learn more about the different clubs at their booths. There are also student organizations like sororities and fraternities, and for me personally, some of my favourite college memories came from Greek life!

6. There are so many food options on campus...

So don't just stick to the food places in the AMS Nest! There are food trucks around campus, restaurants in Wesbrook Village and the University Village and more.

7. ...And so many cafe options!

Loafe is life, just saying. Other great cafes and study spots include Great Dane and The Boulevard.

8. Use the UBC Secure Wifi.

Log into UBC secure with your CWL login and you'll have access to Wifi throughout campus without having to log in every time like the UBC Visitor network requires.

9. AMS Firstweek is a great way to get involved. 

It's a two-week orientation for UBC students and they host tons of fun events on campus! Find out more on their website.

10. You can get free tutoring.

The AMS offers free tutoring sessions for popular first and second-year classes like ECON 101 and MATH 104. You can find out more about it here.

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