While most people know Airbnb for their amazing deals when you need a place to stay on the road, they’re now offering their service for the greater good. Due to the wildfires in British Columbia, people have been evacuated from their homes and need a place to stay.

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That’s why the home sharing company is asking their hosts in B.C. to open their doors to those who have not been able to stay at home due to the current conditions.

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In particular, hosts around Okanagan Valley or Vancouver Island are the ones being asked to help out. The free stay would be available to not only victims buts also firefighters who are volunteering or travelling to help fight the flames. 

Alex Dagg, a policy manager at Airbnb, told Global News that he believes that it shows how the community will step up in difficult times. He also encouraged more hosts to offer their housing if it's available. 

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This isn't actually the first time Airbnb has offered free housing to those in need, they actually have a whole program dedicated to it. 

Airbnb's Global Disaster Response & Relief Program is something that was created to help those in need whenever disaster struck by those closest to them. It helps provide shelter in the middle of the crisis and so far has had over 7,000 homes opened and 16,000 nights donated. 

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They even previously offered help during the Fort McMurray fire in 2016 and during the wildfires that struck B.C. last year. 

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The listings come up as $0 when you're looking on Airbnb and obviously all host free cancellation if something else pops up. 

These are some of the listings available for those in need that won't cost you a cent. 

Via Airbnb

Via Airbnb

The program was put in place to help those in need, so if you or someone you know is affected by the wildfires and need a place to stay, check out the Airbnb's available here

Source: Global News