Are you tired of waiting for the SkyTrain because every car that passes by is full? Well TransLink CEO Kevin Desmond has just announced that the scheduled release of brand new additional SkyTrain cars has been moved up and they'll be here sooner than you think.

TransLink is speeding up the purchase of 28 brand new cars for the Expo and Millenium Lines in 2019. Adding brand new cars will help relieve the rush during your morning and afternoon commute that we know Vancouverites can't stand. Transit use is at an all-time high and these brand new cars can't come soon enough.

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28 new cars will be added to the Expo and Millenium Lines by early 2019. Another additional 28 cars will be added to the Expo and Millennium Line ahead of schedule by the end of 2019, which were previously scheduled to arrive in 2022. 24 new cars will also be added to the Canada Line by the end of 2020.

The 80 new cars will cost $298 million dollars. The 56 Expo and Millenium Line cars coming in 2019 will cost $210 million dollars. The funds will come from the Public Transit Infrastructure Fund which is funded by the Government Of Canada (50%), Province of British Columbia (33%) and TransLink(17%). 

Source: Vancouver Sun