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This Epic BC Airbnb Looks Just Like A Modern Hobbit House

It's real life Lord of the Rings vibes.

These days we don't just expect a getaway, we want to be transported into another realm so we can really escape from the world if only for a weekend. It's not hard to find an amazing place to stay in Canada, but there's one West Coast Airbnb that is turning heads. This hobbit house rental in B.C. is a fun fantasy getaway that'll transport you far from your everyday life.

This is not the only Candian hobbit-style house available to rent. There's a place a few hours from Ottawa that has a magical Hobbit House tucked into the woods that you can rent.

B.C. is something of a haven for hobbit houses because there's another more classic looking Airbnb called Halfling Hideaway that looks like it was ripped straight from Hobbiton. 

Made out of stone, cedar, steel, driftwood and sod this house looks like something out of Lord of the Rings circa 2020.

The house looks small at just 1,300 square feet and it's the perfect size for a solo traveller or someone who wants' to bring their best friend with them for an adventure.

After all, Bilbo set off alone to Rivendell but Frodo went with a group of friends. Whatever your preference!

Located in Helliwell Park on B.C.'s Hornby Island, this place is remote and the landscape is stunning.

It will take you about 5 hours to get there from Vancouver and you'll have to take three different ferries to make it.

This could be the most groovy and unique Airbnb in the province and that's saying something because B.C. has a ton of incredible places to stay.

This modern hobbit house is an adorable place for a getaway when you really want to dive into a fantasy world and escape for a while.

Helliwell Bluffs

Price Per Night: $260

Neighbourhood: Hornby Island, BC

Why You Need To Go: Live that modern hobbit life you've always wanted and escape to this cute Hornby Island Airbnb.

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