If you've ever been stuck out in the cold waiting for a cab wondering how to get home on New Year's Eve, then TransLink has got you covered. According to TransLink's website, all of their transit services will be totally free after 5 p.m. on December 31 until 5 a.m. on New Year's Day. 

After 2 a.m., all of the usual NightBus routes will start leaving from the NightBus District in downtown Vancouver.

The NightBus District is a hub right on the corner of West Georgia Street and Granville Street. It's where the late-night buses that connect Vancouver to places like Surrey run.

It's centrally located and it's well-lit so it's easy to get home late at night.

TransLink usually offers free service on special days like New Year's Eve and it has for more than 40 years.

Expect longer service hours and an increased of TransLink staff on hand to help the New Year's Eve crowds get home safely.

Uber was supposed to have already launched by December, but there's still no official word yet on when that's happening.

Even if you have your tiny compass card ready to pay your fare, you won't need to. 

Taking the bus or train can be a lot faster than trying to snag a cab.

They're usually super crowded though so it's best to sneak out after the party right after the clock strikes midnight if you want a seat.

One thing you'll want to watch out for is the train schedule. Skytrains are going to be running on a weekday service schedule that's been slightly changed.

The last trains will be extended about one hour later than usual for NYE.

Check out the full list of final trains on TransLink's website and see when the last train leaves your station so you can get home. 

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