As a girl who owns over 200 pairs of shoes, I’ll be the first to say you can't have, “too much of a good thing.” I just can't live without my shoes, which means the search for the perfect pair is always on.

Since summer is upon us, the endless hunt down Robson Street for the most comfortable and of course fashionable sandal to suit every occasion has begun.

Well, ladies and gentlemen…look no further. I have found the holy grail of sandals and they offer so many different styles. And let's be honest, the big man upstairs himself wore something very similar on his feet, so you know they must be poppin’!

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Whether I'm out for a bike ride to Kits beach, or a taking a stroll around the seawall, I need a sandal that is reliable and comfortable no matter what my day holds.

Vancouverites generally choose a more active, healthy lifestyle, and for many that means eating a vegetarian or vegan diet. Another great reason why these are the perfect sandals for any Vancouverite, offering a large selection of styles in vegan leather.


Luckily for us, sandal season lasts a little longer on the West Coast, and thankfully I can count on these amazing sandals to withstand all of my summer adventures. I mean it, these sandals have literally taken on anything everything I've thrown at them, and they certainly won't bust like a pair of plastic flip flops! The rustic leather wears well, and even after getting a little roughed up, they still look new! 

With a diversity of styles, allowing me to go casual while spending my day adventuring through Stanley Park, or getting a little more dressed up when I'm headed out for a night of drinks and debauchery with the girls, I love my Birks for so many reasons!

Flip flops destroy my feet, leaving me looking like I just stepped out of a wood chopper. My Birks were comfortable from the first day I put them on and I never once had to bust out the bandages.


I’m usually very busy planning various photo shoots, so I don't have much time to browse a million stores to end up not even getting what I want, but makes it so easy and fast to get my latest fix, and with free shipping over $109, grabbing a second pair as a gift for your BFF/your new boo thing (or yourself!), is too good to pass up!

Check out to see all the cute styles and get you some beautiful freedom for your feet!