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I Moved From Ontario To BC Sight Unseen With Just A Few Suitcases & Here's What I Learned

Bye bye, car. 😭

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I Moved From Ontario To BC Sight Unseen With Just A Few Suitcases & Here's What I Learned

Life is all about adventures and deciding to move halfway across Canada, well that is a big decision.

This summer my partner and I packed up our lives and moved from Kitchener, Ontario to Vancouver, B.C., sight unseen.

The entire moving process was quite the experience and there were definitely a few things I learned along the way!

Take things one step at a time

Emily Silva | Narcity

It can be a lot making such a big life decision, especially when you first make the choice to move provinces and have to start taking action.

This for me meant giving two months' notice at the apartment I was renting, finding a new job, and breaking the news to my family and friends.

However, I found that if I focused on taking it one step at a time and making goals of what to accomplish each week, the entire process didn't seem quite as daunting.

Do your research when apartment hunting

Emily Silva | Narcity

One of the toughest things we had to deal with was looking for a rental unit totally virtually.

This definitely scared me and I worked really hard to research what neighbourhood we'd possibly be moving to as well as request video tours of any apartment we were considering.

I quickly learned just how important it is to do your research and trust your gut when it comes to choosing a place (we almost signed a lease in a neighbourhood that after having seen it in person, would not have been a great fit!)

Saying your goodbyes takes time

Emily Silva | Narcity

This was something I had not expected, but saying goodbye to your loved ones actually takes up a decent amount of time, especially in between packing.

I was very fortunate to have been able to say goodbye to all those I was close to back in Ontario and am very glad I did so, but be sure to give yourself ample time to do so!

Be ready to make some sacrifices

Emily Silva | Narcity

When we had decided to move we were living in a 1,100-square-foot apartment, so needless to say we had a lot of furniture and items we had collected over the years.

That, coupled with the fact we were moving into a 600-square-foot furnished apartment in downtown Vancouver, meant there was a lot we needed to part with (including both our cars!)

It was sad to see some items go, but it also felt like a truly fresh start.

Get to the airport early

Emily Silva | Narcity

Between my partner and I, we moved to Vancouver with a total of six checked bags and two carry-on suitcases, which needless to say, was a lot of work come moving day.

Getting to the airport early was key to getting everything through security (we didn't have too many issues thankfully) as well as taking a breather before flying after lugging everything through the airport.

Be mindful of what time of year you move

Emily Silva | Narcity

This is definitely something I wish I would have paid more attention to!

While moving in August does seem ideal due to the typically sunny conditions, it is also very hot.

It was over 30 degrees in both Ontario and B.C. when we moved so lugging all our bags in the heat was a doozy. And never mind rolling up to a new apartment that doesn't have AC, that was a challenge.

Be super nice to whoever picks you up from the airport

Clovercity | Dreamstime

Yes, all of our bags were a bit hard to handle, so we decided to take two separate Uber rides from the airport to our new apartment.

My driver showed up in a brand-new Tesla only to find out he was picking up someone with four bags. I definitely learned that kindness can go a long way in these situations.

Don't let yourself get overwhelmed

Emily Silva | Narcity

While this is easier said than done and overall making such a big life change can be really overwhelming, with the right attitude it's definitely doable.

Remember to do what you can to best set yourself up for success in your new place (order fans ahead of time) so that way when you move you are ready to go and dive right in to your new life.

The opinions expressed in this article are the author's own and do not necessarily reflect the views of Narcity Media.

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