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I Spent 24 Hours In The Closest US Border Town To Vancouver & It's Super Cute

It's only an hour from Vancouver! 🇺🇸

I Spent 24 Hours In The Closest US Border Town To Vancouver & It's Super Cute

The U.S.-Canada border finally opened this week and I took full advantage with a trip to the closest U.S. town to me — Blaine, Washington.

I honestly just googled the closest town across the border to me, so I wasn't expecting much. Blaine surprised me though!

It's a beautiful town right on the ocean, with cute shops and friendly people. It has very small-town vibes, which was a nice getaway from Vancouver's city life.

Grab Some Coffee

Morgan Leet | Narcity

I started the day by hitting up Starbucks, to get my energy up after the drive. The Starbucks was even cute, in a building that looks like a lighthouse.

Go For A Wak

Morgan Leet | Narcity

Next, I went to Semiahmoo Park to walk along the beach. It was a great place to stretch my legs, and you could see the mountains in the distance too.

Get A Snack

Morgan Leet | Narcity

I stopped at an adorable drive-thru cafe shaped like a steamboat. It seemed like the town was very into buildings shaped like coastal things. The tea and muffin I had were delicious, and the staff were super friendly.

Head For Dinner

Morgan Leet | Narcity

After picking up my boyfriend, we decided to grab dinner at Packers Kitchen + Bar. It turned out to be in a resort where I went for my walk earlier, so we had a great view.

Have A Bonfire

Morgan Leet | Narcity

We took a walk on the resort after dinner and stumbled across a bonfire by the ocean where we sat and looked at the stars. Then, we headed back to our Airbnb for the night.

Try Peace Arch City Cafe

Morgan Leet | Narcity

The next morning I went to the Peace Arch City Cafe for breakfast, which has an amazing omelette. They also had gluten free options, which is tough to find in a small town usually.

Go To The Park

Morgan Leet | Narcity

After breakfast, I decided to get outside even though the weather was a bit gloomy. I went to Birch Bay State Park, which was really beautiful and had a great view of the sprawling ocean.

Walk Around Town

Morgan Leet | Narcity

The town was small but had a main street with cool shops. It was fun just to walk around before we left, and enjoy being in a new place!

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