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I Switched To An Early Morning Workout Routine And This Is Why I Have Kept It Up

Do it for yourself: it's worth it.
I Switched To An Early Morning Workout Routine And This Is Why I Have Kept It Up

I have always considered people who wake up at 5 am everyday to go on a three hour workout as unicorns. As for most people, mornings are painful: all I want is to stay in my comfy bed for the rest of my life.

Still, don't ask me how it happened but I've developed a sort of addiction to working out in the morning. It's been four months now since I've been waking up every single day at 6am to go to the gym.

Weirdest thing is if I don't do it, I feel awful and moody all day. I don't know if it's this satisfying post-workout feeling or the hotties that I see every morning at the gym that got me addicted, but I don't see myself quitting this routine.

I started this routine last April during final exam season. For some reason, that series of finals got my stress level rising up, so I had to find a way to deal with. Instead of binging on sugary food like most of us do (chocolate, all time best friends ❤), I tried to find a more healthy method to deal with anxiety: working out. Initially, I set myself a week challenge: starting my days with a workout.

The first two mornings were fine, I was excited and happy to have a new routine. By the third one, I hated myself. First of all, my muscles were painfully sore. Then, I was tired AF.

Finally, I was seriously missing my warm and comfy bed. Determine to successfully finish my workout challenge, I kept on doing it. And I took naps during the day to catch up on my sleep and my love affair with my lovely bed.

On the eighth day, I started to feel the benefits. That post-workout feeling is very satisfying: accomplished, I feel great in my body and bumped up to start my day. I also stopped taking naps and even went to bed at night happy to know my workout was coming in the next morning. Once your body gets used to this new healthy routine, it's heaven!

What I particularly enjoy in this routine is to start the day doing something for me. During the day, there's work or class, time with friends and other activities that keep your schedule busy. At 6am, no one will call you to ask go for coffee.

Although I love my friends, I also know for me to spend quality time with them, I need to feel good with myself. That morning routine helped me set a particular time slot during my day dedicated to me.

One extra-benefit of this routine is to acknowledge the change in your body shape. I'm not going to lie, I've also starting this to have a fitter body. Seeing my weight lifting increases, the numbers of squats doubles and my time on the treadmills extends is a great feeling. I found it very rewarding.

I'd rather raise my self-confidence on my accomplishments than fishing for compliments or admiration in people's eyes. Don't get me wrong, I don't consider having the fittest body in the world still it has helped build my self-confidence.

Another lesson I've learned from this workout routine is patience. To all the girls (and guys) who are starting a two-weeks weight lost diet for the umpteenth time, please do yourself a favour and stop damaging your body.

Loosing weight as fast as in two weeks is NOT healthy and never work in the long term. Apart from tiring your metabolism and losing muscles, you don't get nay benefits from it. Plus, why starve yourself while there is so much food waiting to be eaten in Vancouver.

Keep in mind that it takes time for your body to change shape and lose fat-surplus. Instead of focusing on your body shape through a diet, a workout routine will first build your self-confidence and will give you a fit body in the long term. Therefore, be patient and you'll see the result happening slowly but sustainably.

I don't consider myself a fitness coach or a professional athlete, however that morning routine brought me so many heath and mental benefits that I can only recommend it.

Today, even when I am going out with my friends, my body WILL wake up at 6am as my personal alarm shouting: GO TO THE GYM. Those kind of morning, I hate myself on the way to the gym but that post-workout feeling has become my source of energy, stronger than any kind of coffee or energy drinks.

So, create your own workout routine and take time to love yourself!

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