Finding cheap airfare is both an art and a science. Thankfully, Black Friday makes it easier than ever to save big on your next trip. Iceland Air's Black Friday sale is perfect for anyone flying out of B.C. for a Euro trip. They even have deals for people in Toronto, too.

Right now, you can get flights from Vancouver to Paris or London for less than $500.

Toronto to Dublin flights are going for a rock-bottom $400 right now, too.

Plus, Iceland Air is known for having flights from Canada to Europe via a stopover in Iceland. 

If you extend your layover, you could squeeze in an Iceland trip, too.

While Vancouver is typically an ultra-expensive city for airfare, you can also score cheap flights to Las Vegas right now for less than what you'd pay for a fancy dinner for two.

Of course, those hunting for the best deals ever might want to wait until after Black Friday when flights could get even cheaper.

Most Black Friday deals are all about saving money on electronics or being able to shop for a ton of cheap clothes, makeup and housewares.

If you're the kind of person who prefers to save their money for experiences rather than fast-fashion or the latest tech, then these travel deals are going to convert you into a Black Friday shopper. 

Here's How to Get the Deals

First, check out Iceland Air's website and see what their Black Friday offerings are. Sometimes, flights are cheapest when you book directly from the airline.

Then, if you're not seeing rock bottom prices, it's time to head over to Skyscanner to hunt for your flights.

Using Skyscanner, we searched for the cheapest flights out of Vancouver and found tickets to Paris for just $431.

Flights from Vancouver to London were also super cheap at $445.

Just enter the city you're flying from and look for the cheapest destinations using Skyscanner's calendar and you're sure to find the lowest prices.

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