16 Most Important Life Lessons One Tree Hill Has Taught Us All

Let's face it, One Tree Hill > The OC. Sure, we can all admit that the first 4 seasons were the best but I feel like that's the case for all high school dramas. With all my friends getting married and having babies, I don't really need to see my favourite TV high schoolers growing up and doing the same.

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In the 9 seasons, we've seen heartbreak, high school drama, and way too many murders for a small town. What we've seen though is that One Tree Hill teaches us about friendship, love, loss, and forgiveness in every single episode...and more. Each character highlights a part of us that we are or wish to be, and seeing them face their fears, challenges, and goals shows us how we can tackle every situation life throws at.

Plus, best soundtrack of any show amiright?


1. You will survive.

It's easy to feel like everything is the end of the world when it's happening to you. But if Brooke and Peyton can escape crazy Ian's basement then you can get through anything. I believe in you.


2. Don't let anyone tell you who you are.

We all come in many different shapes and sizes, and that's what makes us so special. Even if you've been doing the same thing your entire life you're allowed to change. You are allowed to break through the labels that society has given you. Don't let anyone put you in a box. You're so much more than that.


3. Hoes over Bros

Beyton has taught us so much about friendship in 9 seasons. After dating Lucas back to back, finding out that Brooke had sex with Nathan back in the day, Brooke kissing Ian because she thought he was Peyton's date, and the full on brawl before prom, these two gals have had their fair share of boy fights. But at the end of the day, they know their friendship is more important than any guy.

4. It's never too late to redeem yourself.

If you asked me in Season 3 if I would cry when Dan Scott died I would have said hell no. So why did I bawl my eyes out when he met Keith in heaven? Dan Scott has undoubtedly been one of the most deplorable characters of One Tree Hill but as the seasons progress he makes his triumphant return to goodness. He shows us that there is nothing you can't come back from.


5. High school doesn't matter as much as you think it does.

It's easy to get swept up in the drama of high school, but it's important to remember that your world is only just beginning. The world is so big and there is so much that you will experience - so many people you will meet after those measely 700 days of high school.


6. You can love more than one person.

When we go through a break up, our heart aches. We don't feel like we can ever be as happy with anyone else. What I've learned from the greatest love triangle since Archie, Betty, and Veronica is that it is possible to love more than one person and you will love again even if you don't feel like it's possible right now. And that love may even be stronger than the one you had before.


7.  Family has no boundary.

Keith may have been Lucas' uncle but he loved him like a father. Dan was Lucas' father but might as well have been a stranger for most of his life. The senior Scott brothers prove that you don't need to be bound by a family title to care for someone in any sort of way.


8. Rough patches happen. Love prevails.

Nathan and Haley are a perfect example of relationship struggles. I guess that's what happens when you get emancipated and married at 16. Naley proves that "always and forever" isn't just for the good times. The rough patches only make you stronger.


9. You will do anything for the people you love.

You can't help who you love. What you find out though is that you'll do anything for the people you care about. Let's face it you probably wouldn't go on a coffee run (or back into a school shooting) for someone who isn't bae, but you will undoubtedly do anything for the people who matter most to you because you know they'd do the same for you.


10. Chosen family can be more meaningful than blood.

Brooke may not have been emancipated but she definitely didn't have family around. Like, ever. Brooke's circle of friends are the epitome of her chosen family and she would take a bullet (or almost drown in a car saving Jamie) for those people.


11. Set goals.

Don't forget, Brooke started Clothes Over Bros in high school and competed in small competitions before becoming a huge New York label. Find out what you love and focus on achieving those goals. If you're determined and work hard there's nothing you can't do.


12. Nice guys don't always finish last.

Mouth McFadden may have been a dork but he has the biggest heart of any of the OTH cast. He caught the attention of all the popular girls re: Brooke & Rachel, and gained the most respect out of anyone in the friend group for always remaining positive, happy, and reliable.


13. It's okay to cry.

Tears are a healthy release that free you from the pain you feel in your chest. It's okay to bawl when you're having a bad day. Let it out, hug it out, and let your heart smile again.


14. You're not always going to get along with your siblings.

Sometimes you compete in incredibly over the top basketball games to show who's more alpha.


15. Use art as creative expression.

Sometimes you're not going to want to cry. Sometimes you need a more creative release. Peyton Sawyer may be a talented artist but she has the right idea. Graffiting the basketball court after Q died, or sketching all of her pain of people leaving has been her go to throughout the entire show and we should all give it a try.

16. Never trust the hot nanny.

Cliché as it may be, Nanny Carrie is proof enough that the hot nannies are the craziest.

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