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In-N-Out Burger Will Finally Be Just A Day Trip From Vancouver Starting This Week

America's iconic burger chain is opening up another location and it's closer than you think. While it may not be right in the city, it is still worth the drive. According to Eater, the In-N-Out Burger near Vancouver will be opening in the Oregon city of Keizer, which is close to Portland. It'll be the closest location to Vancity yet.

Okay, you may have to cross the border to get there, but hear us out. Many of us have travelled far and wide for good concerts and cute Airbnbs, so why not do the same for food?

According to Eater, the In-N-Out American burgers we know and love (from afar) are finally coming to a place near you. Kind of. 

The Keizer restaurant is about six and a half hours away from Vancouver by car. It will be Oregon's third In-N-Out location. Until now, the closest location to YVR was about nine hours away.

The new burger joint opens this Thursday, December 12, 2019.

If you plan on going opening day, or any time soon, be prepared for big lineups. City officials have told Eater that they are expecting crowds of up to 180 cars. 

If you haven’t yet been to this California-based burger spot, now is your chance. This restaurant has a following like no other.

Just by looking at their burgers, your mouth starts to water. Between the thick patties, melty cheese, and crave-worthy sauce, it's no wonder that people are so obsessed. Plus, their secret menu is next-level.

Their classic hamburger starts at $2.10 with their double-double burger coming in at $3.45. 

Keep in mind these prices are in U.S. dollars so, with the conversion rate, you are looking at about $5 a burger. Again, worth every penny. 

For those of you who would rather save gas and indulge in a local burger, no worries. Vancouver has a wicked food scene and you can get anything from Beyond Meat sandwiches to some of the cheapest hamburgers around. 


Price: 💸

Cuisine: Fast food burgers. 

Address: 6280 Keizer Station Boulevard, Keizer, OR

Why You Need To Go: It's worth the story alone to say that you drove just over six hours for a burger. 

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