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A Private Gulf Island Is For Sale In BC & It Costs Less Than Most Vancouver Homes (PHOTOS)

All things considered, this island is actually pretty affordable.

If you’re in the market for a house in Vancouver, listen up because we have a better deal for you. We did a little digging into private islands for sale in B.C. and found one that costs less than most homes in Vancouver. Needless to say, it is definitely larger than your studio apartment and just a boat ride away from the big city.

The housing crisis in Vancouver is all too real. CBC News reports that Vancouver millennials have to earn $200,400 per year to afford the average home in the city. Working ourselves into the ground just to be able to afford a one-bedroom rental is the harsh reality for many of us in Vancouver.

While it would be wonderful to win the lottery, we have to come to terms with the possibility of never owning a home. Or at least not until we are in our 80s. That being said, maybe it's time to start saving for an entire island in B.C. which, in this case, costs just about the same as most Vancouver houses.

According to a listing posted by Unique Properties, an eight-acre plot of land is up for sale. This private island named Lily Island is in the Gulf Islands in B.C. 

Advertised as a short boat or fly plane ride away from Vancouver, Lily Island could be the best of both worlds if you put a little work into it.

According to the listing, this paradise will cost you $1.4 million. 

This isn’t bad considering the average house sold in Vancouver is $1.2 million, according to Zolo's latest figures. That price goes up once you start looking for places with more bedrooms. 

The nice thing is that you won't be completely secluded on this island. Silva Bay is just a short five-minute boat ride from your new island. Here you will find fuel and a floatplane service to Vancouver that has daily travel times. 

As of now, the island is nothing but nature, so you will have to build. But with over eight acres to play with, you can ensure every spot has a wicked ocean view. 

By the looks of the photos, you will have tons of wildlife to explore and make your own. Now all you need to do is find $1.4 million to purchase. 

For more details about Lily Island, check out the listing.

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